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Welcome to Time 4 Change!

This is an online art shop that offers a mixture of pencil drawings, ink drawings, paintings and photographs as digital copies for sale. Along with selling a lot of my art on this website, there are also some physical copies of it for sale in Artpod in Rottingdean, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom (https://www.artpodbtn.co.uk).

All of the art on this website was created over the years by me (A. Thomson). You can browse all of my art currently for sale below… (clicking on an image in a specific category will re-direct you to the appropriate page in the shop for purchases).

Black and White Pencil Drawings - Portrait:

Black and White Pencil Drawings - Landscape:

Colour Pencil Drawings - Portrait:

Colour Pencil Drawings - Landscape:

Ink Drawings - Portrait:

Ink Drawings - Landscape:

Ink Drawings - Square:

Paintings - Portrait:

Paintings - Landscape:


Digital Designs:

Urban Jungle:

This is a list of my digital creations in which I took photos of various animals and placed them into urban situations.

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