“If we condense the whole history of life on earth into one year, then 10 million years becomes one day, and on that calendar, the first backboned animal will have crawled up onto land during the last week of November and primitive man would’ve appeared only a few hours ago in the early afternoon. I’m talking in the very last moment of December 31st – when modern humans first appeared”. ~ Sir David Attenborough (Life on Earth 1979)

If there was a book containing the history of life on earth which was reduced to having one day representing 10 million years, modern man only evolved at the top of the last page (5 minutes to midnight).

Not only is humanity very late to appear in the history of life on earth, but there is increasing urgency to raise awareness and take action to protect and save our planet and all the life on it. The 5 to midnight clock references the urgency of that action.

My passion is for nature and the natural world which inspires most of my artwork. You will also find actors of note as well as fantasy and adventure inspired creations.

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